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Mite/Insect Control on Fruit

     Several researchers showed in the 1920s that botanical oil sprays killed aphids and scale insects. These oils were not utilized because of development of synthetic insecticides and more uniform petroleum oil formulations. Plant oils are currently utilized for controlling pests in stored seeds and foods.
        Our research shows that dormant (wintertime)sprays of soybean oil is very effective against overwintering scale insects and mite eggs on apple and peach trees. Foliar sprays in the summer effectively reduce mite and aphid populations on apple trees.e importance of control of insects and mites in the fruit industry can not be overemphasized. We've examined many insect/mite interactions with soybean oil sprays in several ornamental species.

Abstracts: (pdf files require the Adobe Acrobat plug-in)
Management of European red mite on apple trees with dormant and summer applications of soybean oil

Control of San-Jose scale, terrapin scale, and European red mite on dormant fruit trees with soybean oil | pdf | html

Management of San Jose scale on apple with soybean-oil dormant sprays | pdf | html

Management of terrapin scale and San Jose scale on dormant fruit trees with soybean oil

Vegetable oil applications control scale insects on dormant apple and peach trees

Soybean Oil Influences Aphid Populations and Photosynthesis of Apple | pdf | html


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