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Blossom Thinning

     Our studies have evaluated the effects of oils on blossom thinning in various fruits such as peach and blueberry. If blossoms can be thinned fruit size can be increased and labor costs reduced.

Thinning Photo Gallery

Thinning Peaches with Soy Oil 

     Fruit thinning costs in peach can be quite substantial for the grower. The application of highersmall peaches on the left (unsprayed), large peaches on the right (sprayed with botanical dormant oils) rates of soybean oil to delay peach bloom can also cause death of some flowers. The amount of bud mortality is dependent on oil concentration. Research is attempting to define the rates of oil, timing of application, and interactions of oil with the environment and with cultivars.


Applying soybean oil to dormant peach trees thins flower buds html


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