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Mite/Insect Control on Woody Ornamentals

Many ornamental plants can be safely sprayed with low rates of soybean oil to reduce the populations of mites and some insects. Soybean oil sprays are especially effective in reducing mite populations when applied as either a wintertime (dormant) or summertime (foliar) spray.  ornamental gif

This research shows that foliar sprays reduce aphid populations on several ornamental species. Late wintertime sprays are very effective in controlling scale insects and killing the eggs of overwintering spider mites. No phytotoxicity was observed from dormant sprays but limited phytotoxicity was found from summertime sprays.

Soybean oil sprays are relatively safe to the environment and to the applicator and may be useful in situations of high human activity (home landscapes, nurseries, greenhouses, near commercial and residential areas).

Abstracts: (pdf files require the Adobe Acrobat plug-in)
Comparison of petroleum and vegetable oil formulations for control of mites on burning bush | pdf | html

Soybean oil controls two-spotted spider mites on burning bush and is less phytotoxic than petroleum oil | pdf | html

Soybean oil used as alternative pesticide on nursery stock

Using soybean oil as a pesticide on nursery stock

Controlling Aphids on Hemerocallis with Soybean Oil | pdf | html
Controlling scale on 'Globosa' arborvitae shrubs | pdf | html


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